Totem – an acrobatic circus delight full of costumes, colors, sounds and excitement presented by Cirque du Soleil.

“The evolution of humanity from it’s primordial amphibian state towards the aspiration of flight” is the theme of Totem that is illustrated with some amazing creative characters.

There is something for everyone; love stories for you romantics, love triangles for those of you who like a bit of drama, the scientist with his experiments and the hilarious comedy duo of Valentino and the Clown Fisherman.

Trapeze, rings, unicycle ladies throwing bowls, hand balancing, foot juggling, hoop dancers, roller skates and Russian bars… is there anything they didn’t think of?


A powerful display of balance, timing, coordination and most importantly – teamwork! – as these ladies rode around throwing metal bowls to one another with their feet and catching them with their heads.

Trapeze lovers play a dangerous game of seduction while teasing each other with tantalizing moves. Twirling around effortlessly never looked so good.

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Feats of strength on the Russian bars. No mats. No lines. Only men holding up bars while others fearlessly launch themselves into the air!

A hot wedding ceremony on roller-skates performing on a drum shaped platform that is 1.8m in diameter. These two will put you on the edge of your seat with some saucy moves.

The scientist and his helper, the Tracker, are keen to understand the universe. They carry out experiments with a transparent cone and luminous balls in the hope to discover and understand the world better.

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Opening scene #TOTEMPERTH

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The opening scene was brilliant, as the Crystal man comes down from the sky representing life force. His velvet leotard is made up of about 4,500 reflective components. It was very coruscating as he made appearances throughout the show.

As part of the opening scene, the marsh is full of frogs and fish. The inspiration for the colors and patterns of the costumes came from real fish and frogs, including the most poisonous frog in the Amazon Jungle.

#inmyopinion The show was brilliant and entertaining. With no introduction or host, except for a loud speaker voice on the PA telling us to take or seats, turn off phones and late comers will be locked out until the appropriate time, the show got straight into it. Whether they had to move a piece of set away or tell us it was the intermission, it was all incorporated into the show. The comedy part were ablaze with laughter and applause. Never a dull moment! 10\10

Cirque du Soleil have a special VIP club which gives you access to pre-sales, personalized promotions and VIP access at shows.

Cirque du Soleil is also hiring!! They are currently looking for athletes, circus performers, trampolinist, singers, instrumentalists and clowns. So if you have baggy pants, can sing while playing an instrument on a trampoline – head over to this page and apply!


The tent and site takes 8 days to set up and 3 days to deconstruct.

85 sea containers are used to transport 2,000 tons of equipment.

The canvas for the tent and the tunnels weigh 5227.3kgs.

The Big Top stands 19m high, 51m in diameter, is supported by four 25m mask, seats 2,600 people and requires a team of 85 people to raise it.